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Of the fifty states, it is the 34th largest by area, the seventh most populous, and the tenth most densely populated. The state's capital and largest city is Columbus. Ohio is bordered by Lake Erie to the north, Pennsylvania to the east, West Virginia to the southeast, Kentucky to the southwest, Indiana to the west, and Michigan to the northwest.


The state takes its name from the Ohio River, whose name in turn originated from the Seneca word 'ohi yo', meaning "good river", "great river" or "large creek". Partitioned from the Northwest Territory, Ohio was the 17th state admitted to the Union on March 1, 1803, and the first under the Northwest Ordinance. Ohio is historically known as the "Buckeye State" after its Ohio buckeye trees, and Ohioans are also known as "Buckeyes".


Adventure Trails

Experience more than 30 different trails ranging from the Columbus Coffee Trail to Butler County's Donut Trail and from Dayton's Aviation Trail to Destination Mansfield's Shawshank Movie Trail. Adventures include Spirits, Coffee, Food, Shopping Sights and History. These trails have been created by destinations and small businesses collaborating to share stories that visitors might not discover on their own.


Historic Attractions

With numerous presidents, authors and inventors having called Ohio home, it’s safe to say there’s plenty of Ohio history to explore. Uncover Ohio’s aviation history at the Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historic Park with several sites dedicated to the life and work of aviation pioneers, the Wright Brothers.


In Northwest Ohio you’ll find the birthplace of President Ulysses S. Grant in Point Pleasant, Fort Meigs, to learn about the War of 1812, in Perrysburg and check out the Great Serpent Mound in Peebles. The pre-historic native American mound is thought to be depicting a serpent about to swallow an egg, but various interpretations exist. Underneath the mound is thought to be hollow and hold unexplored cave-like structures. And in Ashtabula find the the Hubbard House Underground Railroad Museum and the Maritime &Surface Transportation Museum as well as Lake Erie excursions. In Akron there's the Bent Ladder Cider and Winery.


The Scenic Route

From seeing breathtaking vistas on exhilarating woodland hikes to hearing waves crash at the shoreline, Ohio's natural wonders are a feast for the senses and soul any time of year. This road trip will take you hiking, biking, zipping and paddling through incredible parks and nature preserves.

Hiking Boots

Cincinnati: best Parks

Voted number 5 on Washington Post's "top 10 cities for Parks", Cincinnati is the place to visit for recreational beauty. Mt. Airy Forest is the city’s largest park, with nearly 1,500 acres, including hiking, bridle and mountain biking trails. Visit neighborhood parks such as Fleischmann Garden's winding walkways and an evergreen maze or Wilson Commons on the west side, with a walking loop and an overlook of the Ohio River. 



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